We are The Armstrong Company – Property Tax Pioneers

The Armstrong Company is an industrial property tax consulting firm whose main focus is to represent the interest of our clients with honesty and integrity. This focus along with using the The Armstrong Method has established our firm as the leader in the valuation of industrial equipment and real estate. We represent industrial manufacturers throughout the United States, and on average finding 38% in reductions for our clients.

We don’t focus only on complianceMeadAerial

At The Armstrong Company, we use The Armstrong Method to review, analyze, find and defend all reductions. This includes creating our own rendition report that complies with each States reporting requirements, but provides The Armstrong opinion of value along with the client approved Value Report that documents the basis of the rendered opinion of value. The Armstrong opinion of value is supported by facts, proof, and details – and each client reviews and approves the Value Report before it is submitted. We are the pioneers in the industrial property tax business.

We properly value inventory

GAAP Book Cost doesn’t always reflect the market value of Inventory for property tax purposes. Though not all states tax inventory, those that do often have statutes or guidelines that define how the inventory value is to be determined. When these definitions exist proper application typically results in a value different than GAAP cost. These differences could potentially mean hundreds of thousands in tax savings.

We physically inspect each property

A property tax consultant can’t tell what a property is actually worth unless they have personally seen and inspected it. The Armstrong Company inspects each of its represented properties at least annually. A detailed listing of all the assets is prepared and then cross-referenced with the client’s fixed asset listing. This allows our firm to find (and defend – if needed) as many tax reductions as possible, such as:

  • Discover the existence of “Ghost” assets
  • Document items of repair and the effects on value
  • Document each assets make, model, serial number and condition
  • Document and quantify any functional and/or economic obsolescence
  • Discover any unaddressed issue concerning:
    • Pollution Control Assets
    • Allocation Issues
    • Deferred Maintenance of equipment and buildings
    • Proprietary Equipment

We talk to our clients

An industrial property tax consultant can’t serve the interest of its clients if they don’t know what their clients’ interests are. At The Armstrong Company, we take the time to talk with our clients and truly represent our client’s needs:

  • We speak with our clients throughout the tax year keeping them updated on property tax issues both in general and specific to their case.
  • We notate any changes in operations and/or areas of concern throughout the year
  • We also require formal written approval from our clients for each intended action prior to acting on our client’s behalf.
  • This is why our clients are more than business acquaintances – they become our friends.

We will stand behind and defend our findings.

The work product we produce in quantifying our client’s value is our opinion (fully supported by facts and details) and we don’t believe it’s in our client’s interest to pay for our unsubstantiated opinion before it is confirmed either administratively by the Assessor or the Review Board or through judicial review. Therefore all costs associated with the enumeration of the client’s value is bore solely by The Armstrong Company regardless of outcome. Just to be clear, we hire and PAY for the appraisers and the attorneys with no cost to you.

We are not a volume-consulting firm 

The Armstrong Method requires more expertise and resources to deploy – we could just focus on filling out the rendition forms, but we would rather focus on finding the most amount of defendable reductions for our clients. So we may not be the biggest industrial property tax consulting firm out there – but we are the one that gets incomparable results for our clients.

To learn more on how we can help you, just shoot us an email at info@tactax.com or give us a call at 469-452-7045.